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Welcome to Wenzloff & Sons

New Sale Page And ... New Saws for Sale

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I have manually configured shipping prices. The APIs are still broken. But the shopping cart is back up and running.


Changes to both the USPS and FedEx APIs have been broken and I am in the process of fixing this problem. As such, no more orders are possible at this time until this is fixed.

What does this mean for those who have ordered in the past week? Nothing, really (see the exception below). I am processing the sales in the order they were received. While getting the saws packed and shipped is slightly slowed down—kind of hard to both fix the web site and clean/pack saws at the same time—they are still going out the door.

Here's the exception...everyone that ordered gets the free shipping as indicated on their sales invoice because of my error when updating the web site while the shipping modules were broken.

If for some unknown reason an order does get through while the saws are "hidden" from ordering, any new order until it is all turned back on will be canceled until the web site is functioning properly.

I apologize for the issue!


We've cut out many a saw handle that for one reason or another never ends up married to a blade. Most of these handles end up in our burn barrel—unless we can cut a pen blank or two out of them.

Many of these handles, though, sit on a shelf waiting for the "one day we'll finish 'em off anyway." Off and on over the past several months we've finished a few of them and so we are creating a Sales Page for these. The handle defects range from worm holes to small splits we tried to cut around and still ended up with a surface check, a light crack, etc. These are filled with CA glue and are structurally sound and if it weren't that I liked the wood for one reason or another, they too would have been tossed out. Each saw will have the defects noted and the price reduced accordingly. All of them are one-offs. These will be up for sale on Friday June 3.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 January 2018 17:07

Price Increases

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Please note we have increased our prices effective immediately.

However, for the last few remaining saws in-stock, there is a discount equal to our former prices. Once these few saws sell out, the new prices take effect

Thank you, Wenzloff & Sons.

Last Updated on Monday, 07 September 2015 12:55
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