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Saw Handle Patterns

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This section will be a repository of patterns we make available for persons desiring to make their own saws, whether they have purchased parts or kits for us. Sooner or later I will organize these by maker and type.

These patterns are in PDF format. Don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader? You can download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader here. A couple tips when printing out patterns using a PDF reader. Make sure all scaling options are turned off, including fit to page. Handle patterns are made using a paper size of 8/5" x 11".

Clicking on the pattern links below will load a PDF. These are small PDF files, typically well under 20k, so even with a slow connection should load quickly. If you desire to download them instead of opening them in your browser, depending on your operating system, right-click on the desired pattern and choose to download or save them.

Harvey Peace No. 40 handsaw

These patterns are an unknown to me model number of two Groves handsaws, one the cross cut, one the rip. A reasonably early set of saws, split nuts and stamped blades.

Groves Handsaw Patterns

Some Disston handsaw patterns

Disston #16 handsaw

Disston #16 panel saw

Disston D-8 handsaw (thumbhole)

Disston #7 panel saw

Some Disston back saw patterns go here for now. Beginning with the venerable No.9 Reagan patent back saw. Unlike most of the patterns you will find here, this pattern has both sides of the handle (I winged parts of them as I didn't dig out my saws from storage), as well as having the entire blade pattern. This is of the largest one, think 16" and longer. There were/are two smaller sizes of the handle I will add at some point.

Disston No.9 Reagan patent back saw

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