About the Web Site

Friday, 17 December 2010 09:55 Mike Wenzloff

We have a few known issues that can cause some browsers to not successfully check out an order.

First, some versions of Internet Explorer simply cannot be used successfully. In most cases, IE7 and above work fine. IE6 is way to old and even more standards non-compliant than the later versions. MSN's version of IE more often than not cannot be used even with its newer versions.

I would strongly encourage a switch to Firefox, Opera, Safari or Google Chrome. These browsers are not only standards compliant (or extremely more so) but are far better at security than any version of Internet Explorer thus far. Even so, no matter what browser you use, keep it up to date.

However, even the better browsers can exhibit issues that can cause check-out problems. If you are running your browser from behind a proxy server (huh?) then there can be problems. AOL, many work-place internet connections and some other service providers change your IP address with simple page changes. This creates a new session ID from our site. We use session IDs to keep track of cart contents.

If you experience check out issues it will be due to this unique session tracking we do. I am working on a solution to the proxy server problem.

Thank you for your patience.