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Account Registration

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Do I have to register an account to purchase something?

The simple answer is "no" you do not need to register an account on the W&S web site to purchase anything. Purchasing via the web site is easy with or without a credit/debit card--you can choose to use a check or money order and mail in the payment. Details on where to mail a payment are provided at the end of the checkout process.

When going through the checkout process, you will be presented with the following screen:

Simply select the "New? Please Provide Your Billing Information" selection. You will be provided with another screen to fill out billing details. The following checkbox needs to be unchecked if you do not desire to register an account:

Once unchecked, you will only be required to fill in the details we need to process your order.

So why register?

One reason would be your purchase history is accessable in the future via the account link once you sign in. Another reason is that from time to time we may offer discounts to registered users in the form of coupon codes via email--likely just before new products are offered or simply because we've built too many of a given widget!

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