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Data Protection & Privacy

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We are committed to protecting your privacy.

We use the information we collect to process orders. We do not sell, lend or otherwise communicate your private information with any third party. We never will with one exception: We need to provide either just your shipping information (in the case of shipping via USPS) or your shipping information and telephone number in the case of using a common carrier such as FedEx.

We store information pertaining to all orders on our servers, both the web and internal servers. This information is kept secure using data encryption and is not accessable by most employees. In the case of personnel given the tasks of working with invoicing, they are restricted as to what information they can access or alter.

We do not store credit card or banking information. Information used such as credit, debit, or other banking information is communicated via SSL that is encrypted and goes from your web browser to our bank processing company. The down side to our not storing this banking information is that if something goes wrong during the transaction process due to internet interruptions, we cannot manually process your card as the details are not saved in our databases (neither the web nor internal server databases)

For those customers not comfortable with using the web site for ordering, we also have an order form available for printing and manually entering product codes for either mailing to us with payment information filled out or faxing it to us.

If you register on our web site, we need to know your name, e-mail address, and delivery address. This information is then used every time you order. We also need your telephone number that enables us to contact you if there is a problem with the order.

Registration to the web site--the creation of a personal account--is not necessary to purchase from Wenzloff & Sons using the web site.

There is modest benefit to creating an account on our web site. Currently the main benefit is that orders will be saved under your account for future recall by you. We are working on other benefits at this time and these will be completed as time permits.

During your use of our website, our server will write one or more small text files to your browser. These are called cookies. These cookies are informational only and have a time expiration on them set for a relatively short period. They will allow returning to the web site in a short period of time and have a shopping cart intact if there is an interruption while shopping. We do not use cookies to track your exploration of the web.

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