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In-Stock and Out of Stock Inventory

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With few exceptions, the web site indicates whether a given item is out of stock either on the page or, in the event of ordering enough of a single item, when the product is added to the cart. We will endeavor to keep this information up-to-date. On occasional our information may not be accurate.

For domestic US orders, out of stock products will be shipped as soon as possible without any additional charges separate from in-stock items. For our international customers, we will hold the entire order if the wait is not going to be longer than one week and ship it in total at that time unless other arrangements are made.

If the web site shows a product is in-stock, and we discover after the order is placed that we do not have stock of one or more of your order items, we will let you know within 2 business days. In all cases we will follow-up with an email giving you the option of canceling or substituting items from your order or to tell us your preference in handling any out of stock items.

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