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Harvey Peace

We patterned these saws from those made by Harvey Peace, a Brooklyn saw maker, in the 1860s to 1890s.

Harvey W. Peace-- Who had, in early middle life, won for himself a high and honorable position as a manufacturer, solely by the exercise of industry, enterprise, and the mental abilities which fitted him for being a leader and employer of men, our first thought would be of the name of Mr. Peace, as the most striking exemplar of the success which comes from the exercise of those qualities.

The saws we make are based upon our samples and those of our customers who have sent them to us for duplicating. We are happy to be able to offer these saws in a wide variety of sizes and toothing options. Available in either Swiss Pear and Black Walnut handles.

We have limited stock currently...but are always working on replenishing it.

Please note that the in-stock notification applies to the most popular configuration(s) and are listed on a particular saw's page. Other options will take up to one week to build and ship.

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