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Kenyon Seaton Chest Saws

Seaton Chest saws

John Kenyon made the saws which were discovered in the Benjamin Seaton chest. We are pleased to offer these saws to you. The originals are held in trust in a museum in England and have been on display in the USA in the past. We have made these saws very close to the same specifications and using the same methods as the originals.

We are especially pleased to be able to offer these directly to you again. We have enjoyed our relationship with The Best Things for these four years. We were faced with the hard decision of needing to raise the prices to the point that TBT would have extreme difficulty retailing them or to bring them back in-house. We chose to bring them back into our shop for sale to you.

We will be adding the saws as we build stock and for those models that TBT is out of stock on. For any Kenyon Seaton Chest saws not listed here, please go to The Best Thing's web site to order.

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