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Welcome to Wenzloff & Sons

Slide Shows Updated

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Handle ready for shaping

Just a note to let you know that time was finally put into finishing the slide show for how we go about shaping a handle by hand.

Slide Shows

Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 September 2011 12:57

Somax Saw Sets

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Somax saw set

We have what is for now a special purchase of the Somax saw sets.

The Somax set is an easy to use plier-type saw set. The two sets, gold (coarse, not shown) and blue (fine, shown), are able to set a wide range of saws, from hand saws to smaller back saws.

We recommend these Somax saw sets for a saw with a PPI range of 5 ppi to 10 ppi for the gold-colored one (the coarse model) and for the bue-colored set (the fine model), 8 PPI to 17 ppi. The Fine set has a plunger width of 1.4 mm, the Coarse plunger is 2.2 mm in width.

When this stock is gone we may or may not have more. We are presently working on a reliable supply channel.

The Somax saw sets are available from our Tool Care page (in the menu on the left).

Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 September 2011 12:37

Disston Model 77 has landed

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Wenzloff & Sons is pleased to announce that the Disston Model 77 Back Saw is ready for sale.

Model 77 Back Saw

What's so special about the Model 77? Disston made this saw with a taper-ground saw plate and so is made to run with no set. Our remake also has a taper-ground saw plate and is made to be used without set to the teeth. You can read more about the saw on its product page found under the Disston menu to the left.

We will be updating the stock level as soon as they are all cleaned and packed in their individual boxes later today.

Until the stock level is updated, you may opt to click on the Notify Me button and fill out your correct email address. Then, once the stock level is updated, the system will send out a notification there is stock to purchase.

We will be making these saws in batches of between 12 and 25, electing to use various woods for handles. The type of wood used in any batch is listed at the bottom of the specifications list on the product page. This first batch of 25 we have chosen to use Bubinga. Bubinga is a wonderfully resilient wood and is the wood we opt to use more often than not for miter box saws we make.

Wenzloff and Sons

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 June 2011 07:24

New Offerings

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New Offerings at Wenzloff & Sons

Sometimes we are pretty slow--busy does that. We have longed planed on offering a smaller Kenyon-style panel saw. Based upon the original 26" length Seaton Chest "Pannel" and half-rip saws, these 20" lengths are offered at 10 ppi for the cross cut and 7 ppi for the rip versions.

Like most of our offerings, we will frequently run out of stock. So if something isn't in-stock, click on the Notify Me button, fill in your name and email. Then once stock is added, you will get an instant email informing you there is stock available.

Small Kenyon panel saws

Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 September 2011 12:37
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