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Home Henry Disston Large Tenon Henry Disston Model 77 Large Tenon Saw

Henry Disston Model 77 Large Tenon Saw

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Henry Disston made the model 77 back saw for about 50 years--Wenzloff & Sons is proud to be able to offer you this remake of the venerable Model 77 Back saw. This saw is filed cross-cut but rips wonderfully. We have taken care to make these saws equally up to the task of cross cutting and ripping.

This saw is labor intensive to make, more so than a panel or hand saw. We will also be making these saws in batches due to the amount of time required to get the saw plates right.

Disston's original etch claimed these saws were For Mechanics, Not Botchers. I believe what he meant was that it takes a little skill to use one properly. Unlike a back saw with set to the teeth, there is little possibility to "steer" a saw running without set to the teeth. One must take care in the start of the cut. As my grandfather would say, Start right, stay right. Once the teeth are fully engaged in the cut (a little deeper than the tooth line), one can saw more swiftly. But do take care to begin on-line.

We will be making these saws in batches using a few different woods. We will likely not entertain customizing these saws to different configurations. The type of wood used for any given batch is listed in the last line of the specification list below and is in bold type.

  • Disston Model 77
  • 16" taper-ground saw plate
  • 4" usable depth (or a skosh more or less)
  • 14 ppi at the toe for about 4" blending into a nominal 10 ppi for the remainder of the plate
  • Filed Cross cut
  • Maple handle wood

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