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Home Harvey Peace Panel Saws Panel Saw--Rip OR Cross Cut

Panel Saw--Rip OR Cross Cut


All the available panel saws have Swiss Pear handles as shown in the image. All of them are 24" blade length.

Here's where we are diverging. Instead of us deciding for you (guessing) what PPI or style (rip/crosscut), we have left the toothing for you to decide. While this will slow down our shipping, we are trying this "giving you the choice" method as a modest return to including some custom nature to the ordering process.

We hope y'all enjoy making the decision for yourself! If you would like to read our article on choosing saws for guidance, it is here.

Please indicated Rip or Cross cut and the number of teeth (PPI) in the notes for your order.

We are looking forward to making you the saw you want.

Wenzloff & Sons